The Simple Formula for Permanent Weight Loss

Tough Love's proven 4:3 System has helped hundreds of busy professionals who are struggling with time and motivation to completely transform their lifestyle, get in the BEST shape of their life, all without becoming a social mis-fit.

Chris Pentland Chris Pentland , Dance Teacher at SalSeduce Dance Company

I'd lost all my confidence, low self esteem. Couldn't be arsed looking after myself, didn't make an effort with things, lacked energy for everything. After week 1 had a spring in my step, felt immediate stress relief and improved sleep. It turned a downward spiral into an upward cycle and a confidence level I've not ever felt before with my body health and mental state, I'm happier, I joke and laugh, I'm daft again. I'm able to cope with stress far better don't let things bother me and the most notable feeling is I get excited about things again, been a while since I felt like that.

Jonny Gurling Jonny Gurling, Support Staff at Durham Police

I can now see I was fairly down and depressed. Sinking 20+ pints every Saturday after rugby. I did go to the gym and had a PT but I wasn't getting the results I needed. I knew before I signed up I'd be the fattest and slowest but that was the whole point of me going, to reverse that and I could write the cost off by simply not drinking for 2 or 3 weeks. I was walking taller fairly quickly. It changed my outlook completely on exercise and nutrition. My biggest gain has been knowledge. The number of friends/family that ask my advice is unreal. The main reason I stay with TL is the motivation, accountability, and the crack with the guys n girls.

Gemma Maskey Gemma Maskey , Chartered Surveyor at

I have always been busy and work away a lot. I would eat whatever was convenient (sandwiches, paninis, coffee, chocolate). I layered clothing over my 'self conscious' area's and my mother in law said I was 'as weak as a sting of p**s'. I drank a glass of wine at least most nights and the majority of my meals were were quick and easy and could be cooking whilst I worked on the laptop. I went to the gym occasionally after work or on a Saturday, maybe twice a week. Mainly cardio and interval training. I ate 'healthily' (I.e. Wheat pasta, brown bread etc.) but couldn't understand why my body wasn't changing. I was excited and a little nervous before my first session. After 2 weeks I noticed a real difference in my waist and tummy and I started to recover from the sessions a lot quicker. Tough love is now my lifestyle, it isn't a diet or a gym session. I now train and eat well and feel so much more healthy and confident than I did before. I can wear dresses which I was never able to before (different size on top to bottoms). I feel so much stronger meaning I can shop more as can carry more bags!

Claire Maskey Claire Maskey, Founder at Covert Ops Spy Games

When I went to the gym by myself I never got a lot out of it, I would give up if I felt tired and never really push myself. Going to TL has a completely different atmosphere. All of the girls are so lovely and encouraging and never make you feel like you're alone and the boys really push you, even when you think you can't possibly go on. To be honest, its the craic you get at the gym that encourages you to go more than the exercising, lets face it, its not called TL for nothing. It really is tough but you get amazing results when you stick to it and train hard for it. It's somewhere that you love to hate but it's something you'll never regret doing. Its a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4:3 System?

The 4:3 System is a lifestyle choice for busy people looking to get in great shape but struggling to find the time and motivation. We follow a simple code, instead of attaching our happiness to the scales ie. the same thing you’ve done over and over again for years and always expected a different result, we build STRENGTH, build HEALTH and Feel AMAZING. The rest just takes care of itself.

Why did you create the 4:3 System?

I used to follow and preach a strict, sugar cleanse, clean eating, no booze, ban everything, no smiling, do what I say, regimented short term transformation program - and it got some AMAZING results, but only some... (here’s an insider dirty secret for you, for every success story you see plastered over the internet there are easily 10-20 failures!)

I’d be angry all the time because I thought it reflected on me and my ability when the other 80% of people kept breaking their diet - 'what's the matter don't they want it bad enough??' and 'they've paid me to help them but they won't do what I ask??'

Believe it or not, strict sugar cleanses, clean eating, no alcohol and banning all fun just isn’t sustainable for normal people with demanding jobs and real life problems, shock right? Always working to a date to break the diet and everything can go back to 'normal' - holidays, birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter the weekend... then when you slip it's all jacked in as you go through the takeaways making sure to get them all in before you start your next failure cycle which leads to an an almost permanent feeling of inferiority, excess weight gain, stress and frustration <--- the effect this has on your work and family is catastrophic.

I'm far from perfect but I've worked with people of all different shapes and sizes so I know what works and you know something, the more I thought about what was working, the more I realised it didn't have to be all or nothing, life isn’t and shouldn’t be all about the gym and dieting down, weighing and measuring food, feeling guilty for being sociable and participating in celebrations. Try telling my Italian Mamma you can’t have her Sunday Lunch because pasta has too many carbs <—— would sound kind of pathetic right?




So how is The 4:3 System different?

The 4:3 System is different because it actually works for the 80% of people who all other plans have failed. We know that, in order to live our life, look great and feel amazing, cutting out entire food groups like carbs and quitting alcohol is not only unnecessary, it's unrealistic and unsustainable.

There has to be a balance.

At Tough Love we accept 4 hours a week of Tough training in the gym which more than earns us 3 days of Love with our family and friends. So, I called it the Tough Love 4:3 System (I know brilliant right? Took me ages to come up with the name…)

For a true and long lasting TRANSFORMATION to take place the methods have to be easy to adopt, consistent and sustainable long after the programme has finished!

If you have to use will power then, if you think about it, you are literally doing it against your WILL and setting yourself up for a fall. No more good vs bad food, no more shame and guilt around enjoying life. The 4:3 System perfectly marries the natural flow of your working week and re-educates your body to thrive in the way it used to.

Better sleep, more ENERGY, more STRENGTH, more CONFIDENCE, less stress and above all less anger at the people you love most. We have real coaches who know exactly what you are going through, instead of being lectured to by a jumped up Geordie shore wannabe that has zero clue what it means to run a family, hold a stressful high level corporate job or run their own business whilst still managing to build strength and health.

The sense of community is unlike any I’ve experienced in my many years in the industry and a genuine pleasure to be a part of...

James Gee James Gee, Head of Trade Nation at Grainger Games

It's not just about lifting weights, dropping fat and growing muscle. That in itself is a great reason to join. But the overwhelmingly positive impact it has on your entire day, your outlook on life and on every decision you make. In 2 years I've had a massive promotion at work, I've bought my own flat, I've grown my circle of friends and it's made the shy, sluggish little man that I used to be disappear. I can say in confidence that all those things would never have happened if I hadn't manned up and walked through the door for my first session.

Ahmed Khan Ahmed Khan, Owner at McDonalds

I started out physically not in a good place, overweight, unfit and feeling old but with the determination to change. I put in the time, commitment and trust in the program and the results have exceeded my expectations. I've dropped 30lbs of fat and gained 30lbs of muscle. I'm fitter, more confident and feel better in myself. Less aches and pain and my blood pressure has dropped to normal levels.

Lizzie Okaroh Lizzie Okaroh, Designer at Barbour

I always thought I lead a 'fit' lifestyle...that which included chasing the local gym timetables, not getting on classes or if I had been one of the lucky ones after a day of work it was easy to ring up and cancel the class as after all 'it was the thought that counted, I'll go again tomorrow!' My 'training' consisted of repetitive classes spinning, more spinning, the odd circuits here and there. I was excited, anxious, could I do this? Would I do this? Would I fit in? Would I be hungry? By the second week I was less tired (even though I was getting up 5:30am) I found I had more energy, my strength was improving. Who knew all these years I'd been doing simple things wrong. Within 3 weeks clothes were feeling loser but it wasn't bones that were sticking out, I was becoming lean mean fighting machine!

Sarah Kime Sarah Kime, Dentist at Happy Smiles

I was going to the gym regularly, but not really achieving any big changes. I had been having a bit of hard time with various things and kept finding reasons not to join. Nervous about doing something different and nervous about training with a group of people when I had always done my own. Within the first 3 weeks I saw a big change in my body shape and size. I actually started enjoying getting up in the morning to exercise. Also feel healthy, and have lots of energy, and feel happy! Even my friends have noticed how I am thriving on it, and am full of energy and smiling! It sounds corny, but honestly do feel stronger - physically and mentally, full of energy, fit and healthy - and loving it!! I really never thought I could be in the shape that I'm in now. It feels great when you realise you can do it! Don't think I could go back to training in a gym on my own now!

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Package Options

Online 4:3 System
£30.00 per month
  • Access to Tough Love Coaches for questions, advice and guidance
  • 4 Progressive Gym Sessions Per Week, Every Week
  • Periodised Strength & Health Plan
  • Full Nutritional Support
  • Supplementation Recommendations
  • Daily Accountability, Contact & Motivation via Our Dedicated Members Forum
  • *minimum 3 month commitment
Private 4:3 System (1-2-1)
£1050.00per month
  • * Extremely Limited Availability
  • 4 x skype consultations per month
  • Reserved Training Times
  • 12 Week Periodised Strength & Health Plan
  • Full Nutritional Support
  • Supplementation Recommendations
  • Daily Accountability, Contact & Motivation via Our Dedicated Members Forum
  • Phone / Email / Text to Tough Love Coach
  • 5 x BodyFat Assessments
  • 1 x Sports Massage per month
  • *minimum 3 month commitment

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