Take Control Of Your Life...

Like a slap in the face…

Love, love, love hearing stories back

Like Terry who simply followed the tips in the Tough Love Cookbook
(you know the one that you get gratis for entering your email on one of the project links ———>>>>>)

he has lost 2 stone so far,

or Mike who with all the will in the world wants to see his 6 pack
but he has the FUN DEVIL in him
(we are actually really similar me and him)

He told me that these emails are like a slap in the face.

They pull him back round and get his self loathing ass in gear,
he’s making progress, it’s slow but nevertheless it’s progress…

All these guys need a medal,
they are pulling their finger out
and taking action on free advice.

BUT just as their school report said

‘Could do better!’

Just imagine where they’d be if they stepped up to the next level…

How much easier do you think it would be if they had someone to answer to?

A coach and a team to support and push them,
a group of like minded guys to hold them accountable,
rather than going it alone.

If you’re like most people you will have that constant internal battle
gym or sofa, takeaway or homemade…

More often than not you will choose the path of least resistance,
ie. sofa and takeaway

Imagine how much easier it would be to lose the fat and make the right choices
if you looked forward to going into the battle of a session with people just like you.

Do you think you would be able to stick to an easy to follow diet
and regular gym sessions if you had the right support?

If you want to discover the fastest way to lose the belly
& build a strong athletic physique.

click the link and we can have a chat about your options




Paul ’Mr accountability’ Love



Do nothing and you stay exactly as you are now, scouring the internet for a miracle that isn’t coming.

or you can get off your ass and do something about it

Here is the link again


Can I pay more???

‘I know what Paul’s having’
I hear this every time I go to a restaurant.
All my friends and family know that if there is anything
I can get for ‘an additional supplement’ that I will order it.
The perfect customer,
I want the best they have to offer,
and I’m willing to pay for it.
If I’m hungry,
then you can be sure
that I’m gonna enjoy every bite.

Sure I could choose the 3 courses for £4.95 option.
and fill my belly on cheap, low quality grub
but you can be sure that I will be hungry again 30 mins later
and is that really what I’m going to a restaurant for?

Kind of like shopping on price when trying to solve
your deepest pains and frustrations,
the things that make you ashamed
and keep you awake at night.

You will find yourself in the equivalent of a £4.95 restaurant
fighting to keep your table as you are rushed through the motions
only to find yourself hungry 30 minutes after leaving…

Or you could be looked after the manor you deserve
but you have to be willing to pay ‘the supplement’.

If you have a problem you need fixing,
and you want to get the best fixer possible,

then click the link and we can have a chat about your future




Paul ‘only the best’ Love





Nice guys finish fat…

I get told daily by people that they are action takers,
they are decisive and they want results now…


But in reality when it comes to the crunch
most people are just full of the proverbial BS.
When confronted with the opportunity
and the means to fix their deepest pains and frustrations,
they shrivel into their shell.


‘I need to ask my partner…’ – seems to be a popular line of spin.
Wonder what they’ll say when confronted
with you spending that whole £62.50 on yourself…


I told you earlier today these 5 spots would go today,
there is 1 place left,


In 28 days in time for Christmas you will be

  • Lose at least a stone
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Be stress free
  • Sleep minimum 7-8 hours per night
  • Have better skin
  • Feel better than you have done, ever!


But only if you make the decision,

Here’s the link




Paul ‘action taker, decision maker and happily married’ Love


P.S. I know it’s your second email of the day but apparently
you like my emails and of course if you don’t unsubscribe below…

P.P.S. This could be that one time you don’t put off till tomorrow
tjay which you should’ve done yest… Erm last year!

grab that spot


Dear Tough Coach Paul, I’m disgusted…

I got a loads of backlash over my last email

especially the bit where I said,

‘I never offer discounts because if price is your
major concern then Tough Love is definitely not going to be for you.’


‘You have to be able to afford it, if you don’t have the
money I don’t want you creating further stress by
putting yourself in financial difficulty.’


Led to emails like,

‘You’re just in it for the money…’

‘I hate companies like you trying to rip people off…’




The educated amongst you will realise that my price
is a direct correlation to my ability to help people!

What was particularly interesting about these tyre kickers
was these exact same people had filled in the Tough Love application
asking for help and telling me how much their life
was being affected by their weight.

They were frustrated at how they’d tried the gym,
bootcamps, personal trainers, slimming drinks
and some had even resorted to illegal weight loss pills.

They were depressed, upset, angry and ashamed.
The fact that the had failed over and over again
was just adding to the depression…

The interesting part comes when you realise how much they
are in pain and how little value they place on the solution!

For the less than the cost of a night out per week
they could look at themselves in the mirror every morning
and instead of feeling depressed, upset, angry and ashamed
when they poke, pull and prod at their portly belly,

they could feel proud and confident with a physique that
represents strength and diligence instead of sloth and gluttony.

But of course that’s unrealistic of me to suggest
and naturally it’s all about me…


Just a thought,

naturally I invited all of those who wished to complain
to unsubscribe using that easy to use link at the bottom of every email.


Paul ‘I’m also in it to make money’ Love


P.S. If you’re not one of the tyre kicker and value yourself higher
than £62.50 per week then I’ve got 2 places left to drastically
change you in time for Xmas…

But it starts tomorrow and theses places will go today, guaranteed…

Here’s the link








Black Friday Deal…

Every year it’s the exact same story.

Black Friday is the Friday immediately before Christmas
the day when everyone (including me),
shuts down their sensible brain and goes all out P-A-R-T-Y!

As they so bloody well should…


if your clothes aren’t fitting now,
you know for a fact
when Black Friday arrives (4 weeks today),
you’re guaranteed tucking your Christmas gut
into your pants that ‘used to fit fine’
and telling yourself how everything will be ok in January

^^^ same thing you told yourself Christmas last year
and the year before…

So I have a Black Friday Deal for serious action takers only.

Usually I’m very strict on the minimum Tough Love 12 week rule,
and I never offer discounts because if price is your
major concern then Tough Love is definitely not going to be for you.

As Black Friday is approaching fast and I know you don’t want
to have another Christmas ruined bordering on morbidly
obese and filling your mince pies with self pity.

I’ve decided to allow 5 people the opportunity to join
The Tough Love Project for the next 4 weeks
(which takes you right up until Black Friday.)

In only 28 days I guarantee that you will:

  • Lose at least a stone
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Be stress free
  • Sleep minimum 7-8 hours per night
  • Have better skin
  • Feel better than you have done, ever!

But look it’s not for everyone,

You need to attend as many sessions as possible,
there are going to be the odd party and work commitments
that is just normal. But the rest of the time you have to
give 100% to attending and putting the effort in.


You have to be willing to adhere to a fool proof diet
that is easy to understand and easy to follow.
(Naturally there are allowances made for a couple of
Xmas nights out but they are factored into the plan)


You have to be able to afford it, we are reassuringly expensive
because we guarantee results! We don’t mess about and we
don’t expect you to either. If you’re serious about change then we will
take you every step of the way BUT If you don’t have the
money I don’t want you digging a deeper hole and creating further stress by
putting yourself in financial difficulty.


So, if I haven’t managed to put you off and you are serious about
investing in yourself this Christmas

here is the link to sign up


Don’t hang about though, there are only 5 places available
as soon as your application is processed and I see the
money in the bank I’ll get you added straight into the private members area
so you can prep the cupboards to start Monday…
Paul ‘Stone Lighter For Xmas’ Love
P.S. You could just do nothing. Put on the xmas weight, then pat yourself in the back in January
for getting yourself back to the exact same place you are right now. #insanity

here’s that link again

The 3 headed monster…

Merely existing in this game of life isn’t that difficult,

(some of the specimens on reality TV prove that)

But who wants to just exist???

We all have dreams of how our life could be, if only…

(Prepare yourself because this is today’s dose
of Tough Love)

I’m calling you out on your ‘if only’ BS…

Going at each and every day being the
BEST VERSION OF YOU you can possibly be
requires more than dreams and ‘if only’
it requires bloody consistent effort!

A code of conduct…




Satisfy all of these 3 areas to your own level of expectation
and you will be blessed with a life of power, health and wealth…

^^^ that bit is mega important it must be your own personal
vision and YOU must define your OWN happiness!

I think of it as a 3 headed monster,
I need to keep all 3 heads fed and satisfied
to avoid losing to the monster…

(I’m sure Rachel will have something to say
about being referred to as a monster, or maybe the
bit about having other head to satisfy…)

You can have your own code (or use mine)
it’s just important that you have one.

Find your weakest area,
and work your bollocks off to strengthen it…

What is stopping you???

Really though be brutally honest with yourself,
what is actually stopping you?

If you would like to talk more about strength
and becoming the best version of yourself
you can be, for a non judgemental chat about
what might be preventing you from your best days…

click the link and get on the phone with me


Paul ‘Tamer of The 3 Headed Monster’ Love




The Ray Donovan Secret…

Ever see the crime drama TV show ‘Ray Donovan’?

It belongs to the same ilk as ‘The Sopranos’,
‘The Wire’ & ‘Breaking Bad’ all of which rank
among my favourite shows of all time…

If not, Ray is a heavy-fisted “fixer” for a fancy law firm,
the sort of fellow who makes scandals disappear.

In Los Angeles he is respected by everyone
from the rich to the rags
because they all know that no matter what,
he will get the job done!

In each episode, Ray confronts a new set of Hollywood reprobates:
a closeted movie star, a predatory pop star,
a womanizing athlete, a sleazy executive.

Some he threatens, some he gets out of trouble,
but the show makes sure to dish up regular servings of
stylised ultra violence and torture for viewers to
simultaneously cluck their tongues at and get off on.

He’s a sinner, but smarter than everyone else.

He’s more masculine, more tormented, more empathetic.

He is the archetypal antihero.
You feel drawn to him,
despite his methods.
You agree with his motives
and respect the inevitable result…

His priority is to look after his clients
which in turn gives him the reputation of ‘the fixer’.

It dawned on me after this morning’s study time that I am just like Ray…

A Fixer…

Every day I deal with the difficult unwanted problems that you are probably finding yourself frustrated with each and every day!

The sort that can’t be handled by inexperienced wannabes.

The back catalogue of results we have at Tough Love commands the respect of all…

When you’ve been through the obvious channels and finished shopping around on price

Then you’ll ask who you need to see,

and for people who are willing to pay my fee…

I am the antihero!

Although you might feel uncomfortable with my tough methods,

you will still find yourself unable to help but like me for the new person you have become!


If you want the Hollywood treatment and need something ‘fixed’ before the inevitable

Christmas bulge

click the link and we can get on the phone and discuss your individual needs




Paul ‘Just call me Ray’ Love


P.S We start Monday so if you’re serious we’ve got 5 weeks to fix you…




Lessons to my boys, but you already know these right???

I’m a proud man, husband and father!

Before I found my way,
my life was taken up with having what I thought to be fun!

My only concern was having enough money to fund the ‘fun’.

All my decisions early on were about chasing a job that
could pay me enough to do the things that I wanted to do.
Boys holidays, weekend benders (every week), expensive clothes,

everything was about me,

selfish to the end.

I had no-one else to consider.

Every week started with the same awful Monday blues.
Broken sleeps and sweats and an awful temper
until at least Wednesday morning.

The rest of the week spent looking to the weekend
where alcohol, junk food & hangover was the main and only focus.

But when you are honest with yourself it’s easy to see that
alcohol is a sedation, an escape from the reality of the day to day
and the obvious depression that a life as empty as this would hold.

When I look at it now I’m saddened that
all the many, many nights of alcohol fuelled antics
blend into one vague memory.

I’m sickened by the amount of money wasted on expensive drinks
taxis and take away junk food
and that one single vague memory…

It took a big wake up call from a fat bloater,
a lot of soul searching,
a strong family support and hard work
to find the recipe to happiness.

Now, showing my boys how to grow into gentlemen,
and my girl to be a confident lady,
is my number 1 and only priority.

Everything else in life is just noise
all the worries, stresses, arguments and struggles
that life may throw my way
are all superseded by this…

My lesson for them is very simple,

All I need to teach them is how to understand and
achieve the following,

BUT how to achieve and follow it each and every day…

Believe in yourself,

show respect to all,

be strong,


tell the truth,

stand up to welcome a friend,




No matter what they do in life,
no matter what job they choose,
no matter how much ‘fun’ they chase,
no matter the person they choose to
leave me for ( sob, sob… )

if they make sure to include these each and every day
from now until their final day,

they will lead a life of happiness, power and wealth!

I will have done my job!

These are the exact principles I built the Tough Love Project on
and the reason the results are so impressive!

It is a place where men who are just like me come to build strength,
show respect, laugh, naked high 5 (only on Thursdays),
sing, grunt, roar and sweat.

Where they will always see a friend,
and it is to each other they are accountable…

If that sounds like the sort of thing you want in your daily life
to get out of the rut you are digging for yourself
then click the link and we can talk about your options


Paul ‘maker of 3 men and a little lady’ Love

P.S. You could just continue telling yourself bullshit stories like you
don’t have the time or the money but make sure to post it on Facebook
whilst watching the football
or write it on the back of your 2nd take away of the week…

here’s the link again just in case