How You Can Lose Weight and Get In The Best Shape of Your Life Without Becoming a Social Misfit..

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Sounds like complete rubbish, doesn’t it?

Well, I would of thought so too – but after 12 years of trial and error I have developed a system that, in the last year alone has helped hundreds of busy people to do just that.

I myself was literally clipped around the ear from my mother after gaining five stone (yep!) after a knee injury.

Man, I could eat for England back then!

I loved my food, and still do (it’s the Italian in me) and I love spending quality time with Rachel and my four kids and obviously a cheeky weekend night out with my mates. I realised I needed to come up with something that would allow me to enjoy the food I love, and still have a life!

No one wants to sit down with friends at the weekend and order yet another salad and water when everyone else is having fun…

The problem I found was that most diets are too restrictive. Most people stick to them for a short week or two – then have one ‘bad day’ and it’s straight back to old eating habits.

It’s always two steps forward, one and a half steps back.

So, I created the Four Three System especially for people like me, those who want to want to feel great, lose weight and look after themselves, but enjoy life and not become 'one of those people' in the process! And, I'm offering you the chance to try it out completely risk free.

In this 2 Week FREE Trial you will find out:

  • The SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE DIET that has been responsible for our BEST transformations
  • How our unique coaching style has created a tribe of people who would be confident walking into any gym, anywhere in the world
  • Why training with our system is working for people who all other diets have failed
  • A "counterintuitive" way to get even more weight loss, especially from people who are dead set against giving up their weekends
  • How your attitude to your health could be destroying your confidence and family relationships and what to do about it
  • How to instantly (today, even) start fixing your belly, eliminate stress, and have your clothes finally fitting like they should (Works for any shape, size or type)
  • The biggest mistake YOU are making!!! (Hint: It's nothing to do with diet or exercise)
  • EXACTLY what to do for the 14 days to make sure that this time the belly comes off, and stays off!
  • And of course lots, lots more for your bad self...
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Gemma Maskey Gemma Maskey , Chartered Surveyor at

I have always been busy and work away a lot. I would eat whatever was convenient (sandwiches, paninis, coffee, chocolate). I layered clothing over my 'self conscious' areas and my mother in law said I was 'as weak as a string of p**s'. I drank a glass of wine at least most nights and the majority of my meals were were quick and easy. I went to the gym maybe twice a week. Mainly cardio and interval training. I ate 'healthily' but couldn't understand why my body wasn't changing. I was excited and a little nervous before my first session but after 2 weeks I noticed a real difference in my waist and tummy and I started to recover from the sessions a lot quicker. Tough love is now my lifestyle, it isn't a diet or a gym session. I feel so much more healthy and confident than I did before. I can wear dresses which I was never able to before (different size on top to bottoms). I feel so much stronger meaning I can shop more as can carry more bags!

Claire Maskey Claire Maskey, Founder at Covert Ops Spy Games

When I went to the gym by myself I never got a lot out of it, I would give up if I felt tired and never really push myself. Going to TL has a completely different atmosphere. All of the girls are so lovely and encouraging and never make you feel like you're alone and the boys really push you, even when you think you can't possibly go on. To be honest, its the craic you get at the gym that encourages you to go more than the exercising, lets face it, its not called Tough Love for nothing. It really is tough but you get amazing results when you stick to it and train hard for it. It's somewhere that you love to hate but it's something you'll never regret doing. Its a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.

James Gee James Gee, Head of Trade Nation at Grainger Games

It's not just about lifting weights, dropping fat and growing muscle. That in itself is a great reason to join. But the overwhelmingly positive impact it has on your entire day, your outlook on life and on every decision you make. In 2 years I've had a massive promotion at work, I've bought my own flat, I've grown my circle of friends and it's made the shy, sluggish little man that I used to be disappear. I can say in confidence that all those things would never have happened if I hadn't manned up and walked through the door for my first session.

Ahmed Khan Ahmed Khan, Owner at McDonalds

I started out physically not in a good place, overweight, unfit and feeling old but with the determination to change. I put in the time, commitment and trust in the program and the results have exceeded my expectations. I've dropped 30lbs of fat and gained 30lbs of muscle. I'm fitter, more confident and feel better in myself. Less aches and pain and my blood pressure has dropped to normal levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really FREE?

It certainly is muchacho, a 2 Week Pass, Absolutely FREE! But you'll have to get a move on... We’re offering a limited number of people the opportunity to experience 2 weeks of AMAZING transformation coaching at The Hut. Over the 14 days you’ll be exposed to the highest level of coaching using our FourThree System to help you to create the PERFECT plan and get you on the right path to looking, feeling and performing at your best and STAYING that way in the long term. If your New Year's resolution was to melt fat, and get in the BEST shape of your life and you haven't succeeded then we’re ready to show you how we do all of this and more… without struggling, suffering or letting your transformation journey take over your life.

Look, we don't usually work with anyone for anything less than 12 weeks, it takes at least that amount of time and often longer to embed the habits necessary to keep the weight off, for good. So, money can't even buy this opportunity but we also understand what it's like trying to figure out who to trust especially when there is so much conflicting information... We wanted to use this opportunity to offer you the chance to find out first hand, and completely risk free, that we deliver exactly what we promise. If you’re serious about 2016 being the year you make things happen then this is quite literally the ticket to making that happen and yes, it’s FREE, you won’t have to part with a single penny. What you WILL have to part with is a great reason why we should offer you a place and the promise that you’ll show us that you value the experience by applying everything we teach you toward making your time with us as powerful and productive as possible.

Why Are We Doing This?

Well, first of all, put your mind at rest, there really is no catch! I'd like to say that we're just the kind of company that loves giving back, but it's far more simplistic than that. We're in the business of helping people get what they want without resorting to unrealistic and unsustainable quick fix diets! The more people we help the more money we make and most of those who try us out risk free either go on to become clients or, at the very least, spread the word about their positive experiences with us, so it’s kinda like free advertising. The way we see it is that we’d rather have ‘walking billboards’ going around telling people how great we are than pay some adverting agency. But look, there are quite literally only a few of these places up for grabs as we limit numbers to make sure you get the very best from every session. So you’d best get a wriggle on if you want to nab one of the free places or you’ll miss out.

So how is The FourThree System different?

The FourThree System is different because it actually works for the 95% of people who all other plans have failed. We have proven that to live our life, look great and feel amazing, cutting out entire food groups like carbs and quitting alcohol is not only unnecessary, it's unrealistic and unsustainable!

Want to enjoy your favourite foods AND enjoy a drink on the weekend and still shift weight?

No problem...

Been told you need to go to the gym every day to get results (and have already tried than with results that are at best ‘meh’)

Nope, just 4 hours a week. That's It...

Want something that fits a ‘working week’ and gives you a boatload of time to enjoy friends, family and socialising guilt free?

We’ve got you covered...

So no more good and bad food, no more shame and guilt around enjoying life and because literally nothing is off the menu you won't feel the need to fill your face with crap every time you get a sugar craving...

We have REAL coaches who know EXACTLY what you are going through, instead of being lectured to by a jumped up Geordie shore wannabe that has zero clue what it means to run a family, hold a stressful high level corporate job or run their own business.

The sense of community is unlike any I’ve experience in my many years in the industry and a genuine pleasure to be a part of...

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