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How to Lose 30lbs WITHOUT Giving Up Your Favourite Foods or Social Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4:3 System?


The 4:3 System is a lifestyle choice for busy people looking to get in great shape but struggling to find the time and motivation. We follow a simple code, instead of attaching our happiness to the scales ie. the same thing you’ve done over and over again for years and always expected a different result, we build STRENGTH, build HEALTH and Feel AMAZING. The rest just takes care of itself.

Why did you create the 4:3 System?


I used to follow and preach a strict, sugar cleanse, clean eating, no booze, ban everything, no smiling, do what I say, regimented short term transformation program – and it got some AMAZING results, but only some… (here’s an insider dirty secret for you, for every success story you see plastered over the internet there are easily 10-20 failures!)


I’d be angry all the time because I thought it reflected on me and my ability when the other 80% of people kept breaking their diet – ‘what’s the matter don’t they want it bad enough?’ and ‘they’ve paid me to help them but they won’t do what I ask?’

Believe it or not, strict sugar cleanses, clean eating, no alcohol and banning all fun just isn’t sustainable for normal people with demanding jobs and real life problems, shock right? Always working to a date to break the diet and everything can go back to ‘normal’ – holidays, birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter the weekend… then when you slip it’s all jacked in as you go through the takeaways making sure to get them all in before you start your next failure cycle which leads to an an almost permanent feeling of inferiority, excess weight gain, stress and frustration <— the effect this has on your work and family is catastrophic.

I’m far from perfect but I’ve worked with people of all different shapes and sizes so I know what works and you know something, the more I thought about what was working, the more I realised it didn’t have to be all or nothing, life isn’t and shouldn’t be all about the gym and dieting down, weighing and measuring food, feeling guilty for being sociable and participating in celebrations. Try telling my Italian Mamma you can’t have her Sunday Lunch because pasta has too many carbs <—— would sound kind of pathetic right?


So how is The 4:3 System different?

The 4:3 System is different because it actually works for the 80% of people who all other plans have failed. We know that, in order to live our life, look great and feel amazing, cutting out entire food groups like carbs and quitting alcohol is not only unnecessary, it’s unrealistic and unsustainable.

There has to be a balance.

At Tough Love we accept 4 hours a week of Tough training in the gym which more than earns us 3 days of Love with our family and friends. So, I called it the Tough Love 4:3 System (I know brilliant right? Took me ages to come up with the name…)

For a true and long lasting TRANSFORMATION to take place the methods have to be easy to adopt, consistent and sustainable long after the programme has finished!

If you have to use will power then, if you think about it, you are literally doing it against your WILL and setting yourself up for a fall. No more good vs bad food, no more shame and guilt around enjoying life. The 4:3 System perfectly marries the natural flow of your working week and re-educates your body to thrive in the way it used to.

Better sleep, more ENERGY, more STRENGTH, more CONFIDENCE, less stress and above all less anger at the people you love most. We have real coaches who know exactly what you are going through, instead of being lectured to by a jumped up Geordie shore wannabe that has zero clue what it means to run a family, hold a stressful high level corporate job or run their own business whilst still managing to build strength and health.

The sense of community is unlike any I’ve experienced in my many years in the industry and a genuine pleasure to be a part of…

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